You'll find my speaking style to be dynamic and engaging. My goals when speaking are to avoid 'psychobabble' and to connect with my audience. While I love making a fabulous powerpoint, you won't find me reading from slides and staring at the screen. I talk with my hands and like to move around when I speak (yes - even during all of these virtual presentations as we navigate COVID-19). 

I have given talks and presentations on a variety of topics most recently including:

   - Gen Z

   - Relationship building with today's student-athletes

   - Collegiate student-athlete mental health and wellbeing

   - Considerations for working with college aged individuals                during COVID-19

   - Generational inclusivity


Having written for and been a source for a variety of outlets, I am happy to discuss a wide range of topics to assess my fit to speak to them. Please know I will never speak on a topic outside of my expertise and I do have a large network of colleagues I can refer to for topics I'm not equipped to speak on. 

Virtual and local requests are charged hourly. Out of town requests are charged as a day rate.


Columbus, Ohio


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