Psyching teams are these magical things at marathons and half marathons where sport psychology professionals volunteer their time to provide free mental skills support to registrants of the race. This support is typically concentrated at the expo but can include race day support as well as race preparation support. 

Psyching teams have been around for over 30 years. I have been involved in Psyching Teams since 2013 after being inspired by the resilience of the running community after the Boston Marathon bombings. I volunteered in Toronto, Canada with Dr Kate Hays and her psyching team, which is the longest running psyching team to date. Since 2013 I have been leading the Columbus Marathon psyching team and it has been one of my favorite things I do each year. 

Since starting my own psyching team, I have written a book chapter, written articles, and given presentations about psyching teams. I have mentored individuals and groups through starting their own psyching teams across the world. 

Just as psyching teams are volunteer events, I am always happy to volunteer my time to help establish and mentor folks interested in starting their own through the process from idea development to volunteer training to event completion.  

Let's get these rolling in new cities!


Columbus, Ohio


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