Antioch University New England, Keene, NH
Psy.D, Clinical Psychology, July 2012

Dissertation: Availability and Utilization of Sport Psychology Resources for Injured College Athletes


The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Online Campus
M.A., Sport and Exercise Psychology, October 2010
Thesis: Stigma and Sport Psychology: Perceptions and Expectations of Injured College Student-Athletes


Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
B.A. Psychology, B.S. Health and Sport Studies, May 2007


Psychologist, HSPP License Indiana #20042739A 

National Register of Health Service Psychologists Credential #55167




Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 2019 - current

Sport Psychologist, Department of Athletics

Indiana University, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Bloomington, IN  2016 - 2019
Director of Counseling and Sport Psychology

Private Practice, Indianapoils, IN 2014 - 2019


Indiana Univeristy Kokomo, Kokomo, IN 2016
Adjunct Faculty, Allied Health

WindRose Health Network, Indianapolis, IN 2016 

Behavioral Health Provider


Indiana University Kokomo, Kokomo, IN  2014 - 2016

Director, Counseling and Psychological Services


Vericare, Inc., Indianapolis, IN  2014

Staff Psychologist


Matrix Psychological Services, Columbus, OH  2012 - 2014

Clinical and Sport Psychologist


The Bradford School, Columbus, OH  2013 - 2014

Adjunct Faculty, Psychology



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Day, C. (2010, July). Injured College Student-Athletes and Sport Psychology Resources. Presented at Loughborough University for a colloquium of International Perspectives on Sport Psychology 2010. Loughborough,England.


Reynold, D’Arcy, Day, C., Porter, C. (2006, October). Preliminary Results on the efficacy of E-therapy compared with face-to-face therapy. Presented at the Ohio Department of Mental Health Research Results Briefing 2006, Columbus, OH.




Meijen, C., Hays, K. F., & Day, C. (2016) Running a psyching team: Providing mental support at long-distance running events. Journal of Sport Psychology in Action. DOI: 10.1080/21520704.2016.1205697


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Day, C. (2013). Get Tough. 11Athletics Magazine. May/June, 2013.


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LearnPsychology - Choosing a Psychology Specialty Expert Contributor


PhD Dissertation Committee Member - Moran, K. (2019). Sport Factors, Body Image, and Eating Behaviors in College Student Athletes

Member of Miami University Alumni Board - 2018 - current 

Member of Professional Consultation Committee for the Howard Community Health Clinical Pastoral Education Residency – 2015 - current

Membership Chair – Board of Directors – Indiana Psychological Association – 2017- current

President – Miami University Alumni Association, Indianapolis Chapter – 2014 - 2018

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