improve performance in life and sport 

Sport Psychology

Performance Coaching


Former collegiate diver, mental health enthusiast, licensed psychologist, sport psychology professional, speaker, certified midwesterner, mom, wife, occasional athlete. 


How I Can Help You


Professional presentations and speaking engagements are my wheelhouse. I have content expertise in a variety of areas related to both mental health and performance enhancement for athletes, performers, and general populations.


With years of experience as an athlete myself, graduate level training in performance enhancement, and extensive experience delivering performance coaching to athletes, coaches, administrators, and beyond, I use my skills to assist individuals with performance in sport, job, or just life.

Psyching Teams

I have started psyching teams, written about them, and presented on them. I provide free mentorship for the development of psyching teams worldwide and resource support related to getting them up and running. 


Having built multiple successful programs from the ground up, program development is an area in which I have significant experience. I am pleased to offer consultation related to program development in the sport psychology space.



Columbus, Ohio


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